user32: Fix return value when passing a non-sibling preceding window to SetWindowPos.

Dmitry Timoshkov dmitry at
Mon Mar 21 08:50:20 CDT 2011

David Hedberg <dhedberg at> wrote:

> +#define ERROR_ABORT_WITH_TRUE 30000
>      /* Fix redundant flags */
> -    if (!fixup_flags( winpos )) return FALSE;
> +    ret = fixup_flags( winpos );
> +    if(ret == ERROR_FUNCTION_FAILED)
> +        return FALSE;
> +    else if(ret == ERROR_ABORT_WITH_TRUE)
> +        return TRUE;

Please try to avoid made up names and internal conditions. I'd suggest
to add a test case which shows the problem first with todo_wine around
the failing test, and only then send a fix, so it's clear what actually
your patch is doing.

Tiny nitpick, in the code below:
if (condition1)
    return something1;
else if (contition2)
    return something2;

'else' statement is redundant.


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