Damjan Jovanovic damjan.jov at
Mon Mar 21 23:28:01 CDT 2011

On Tue, Mar 22, 2011 at 4:40 AM, Sanket Patel < at> wrote:
> hi there,
> I talk about to make wine portable.
> How I am Gonna Do That is ,
> There is a files that are related to system and integrated in to system
> while install.
> We gonna change that system files places .
> How ? that is still question but we can do By community Support.
> If you talk about takiinng 1/2 of system files into package , i think there
> is not really a case to happen
> --

If you want to make a "Portable App" of Wine (ie. a directory
containing the Wine installation which can be moved anywhere in the
filesystem or run from a USB flash disk) I think Wine supports that
already; the "wine" executable finds the path to other files it needs
using its own location, not the --prefix option to configure. The only
thing I found that doesn't work is winegcc, which hardcodes search
paths at compile time, but end users almost never need it anyway.


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