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Tue Mar 22 04:22:15 CDT 2011

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Sanket Patel wrote:
> User File Location
> On Tue, Mar 22, 2011 at 8:25 AM, Hin-Tak Leung <hintak_leung at 
> <mailto:hintak_leung at>> wrote:
>     Sanket Patel wrote:
>         hi there,
>         I talk about to make wine portable.
>         How I am Gonna Do That is ,
>         There is a files that are related to system and integrated in to
>         system while install.
>         We gonna change that system files places .
>         How ? that is still question but we can do By community Support.
>         If you talk about takiinng 1/2 of system files into package , i
>         think there is not really a case to happen
>     Hmm, I think you are confusing 'relocatable' vs 'portable' - in any
>     case, wine is already both portable (runs on many x86/x86_64-based
>     unix systems, include linux, *bsd, solaris, Mac OS X), and wine is
>     also relocatable to a good extent -
>     you can either run wine without installing, from within the
>     source(build) directory with the script provided, or you can choose
>     an install location with "./configure --prefix=..."
>     Or may be you mean the user file location (${HOME}/.wine
>     (WINEPREFIX)) vs the wine binary locations (the ./configure
>     --prefix=<where>)? You need to clarify what you propose.

Perhaps you did not notice, I already wrote that user file location, while 
defaults to ${HOME}/.wine, is controllable by setting the WINEPREFIX environment 
variable before launching wine. This machanism of allowing for parallel and 
separate user files are quite actively used and maintained. WineInBottle (or 
something of a similar name?) and possibly a few other "wine add-ons" does that, 

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