GSoC questions (Re: Question)

Hin-Tak Leung hintak_leung at
Tue Mar 22 08:51:10 CDT 2011

Sanket Patel wrote:
> How Teams Are Formed in Google Summer Of Code For Any Project.
> Is It Formed By Organization Or Google ?

First, it would be good etiquette to post to mailing lists with sensible and 
specific subject fields, rather than generic like your past few posts. Many 
people only read posts from mailing lists of subjects which interest them; so a 
generic subject fields like yours is almost a guarantee to be ignored. You might 
have the naive idea that people read *all* e-mails with ambiguous subjects so to 
get attention it is best to make the subject as ambiguous as possible - that's 
quite misguided.

Again, your questions are ambiguous. There is no "teams" at the student's level, 
and there is no "teams" at the mentor level, nor there is "teams" in the 
organization (either wine or google) level. *A* student needs to file *a* 
proposal, against an organization (e.g. wine) under the GSoC web site. *A* 
mentor needs to take official responsibility of *a* student, and *a* 
organization admin (often self-appointed, but usually a well-known person in a 
community) needs to approve of the mentor taking on the student, against all the 
other student+mentor combinations. Then the sets of student+mentor combination 
per organization is ranked and approved by Google on a quota system against all 
the other organizations'.

Any suggestion of a "team" only generally happens AFAIK in the mentor level: 
i.e. while *a* mentor is officially responsible to check up on the progress of 
*a* student, the community as a whole, or some individuals in particular, can 
take on informal responsibility for guiding the student's progress. It is 
relatively rare for two students to work on the same project (but different 
aspect of it) although not unheard of; Google asks towards the end of the 
selection process for *a* student which has been accepted by more than one 
organizations, for one of the organizations to  drop one of the applications so 
the other application can proceed.

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