Wine compatibility

Juan Lang juan.lang at
Wed Mar 23 13:02:32 CDT 2011

> What I meant as 'clean start' is that they could drop all hacks in 64bit
> environment. I wonder if that happened.

Speculating whether MS would have done this is probably not a very
useful exercise.  Still, I'd say it's exceedingly improbable:
1. The cost of reviewing all the code for what might be a hack is
high, and what's the benefit?  Less code to maintain can't be an
answer, because the 32-bit versions of Windows still need the hacks.
2. Apps written for 64-bit Windows aren't created in a vacuum:
they're probably ported from a 32-bit codebase first, or 32-bit and
64-bit versions are co-developed.  The same, possibly erroneous
assumptions that a 32-bit application might make would therefore need
to be maintained in a 64-bit version.

A better place to ask questions like these might be

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