Ubuntu's next release and raising hard ulimit on ubuntu

Dan Kegel dank at kegel.com
Fri Mar 25 22:49:38 CDT 2011

Scott wrote:
> So it turns out it's not a kernel config issue per se:
>On 03/25/2011 06:05 PM, Tim Gardner wrote:
>> The initial hard limit value is not a CONFIG option...
>> What is the issue with having upstart set this limit early in the boot
>> cycle? Won't all new processes inherit the modified limit?
> If that's a good idea then we need to retarget the bug

dank at eniac:~$ dpkg-query -S /etc/security/limits.conf
libpam-modules: /etc/security/limits.conf

That's where the change should go.  No need to modify the kernel.

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