GSoC: Implement the Explorer

David Hedberg david.hedberg at
Sat Mar 26 11:05:24 CDT 2011

Hi Jay,

On Fri, Mar 25, 2011 at 21:51, Jay Yang <jkelleyy at> wrote:

>> The code for creating new explorer windows should probably reside in
>> explorerframe.dll, somewhat analogous to how this works for the
>> Internet Explorer and shdocvw.dll.
> So would implementing explorerframe.dll be a good summer project or is it
> too large or too small? I haven't been able to find any good documentation
> on what exactly is implemented by explorerframe.dll, is there any?

Yeah, lack of documentation might be a problem here. I haven't dug
very deep into these parts. In fact it might be the case that it would
not be worth the time to attempt to implement this exactly like in
Windows at the moment, given both the lack of documentation and -
presumably - a lack of applications relying on it.

The obvious parts missing is code for the creation of a frame with
navigation controls and an embedded ExplorerBrowser, and then some
changes to our explorer to use this code instead of spawning winefile.

As you have probably seen though, neither the wine Explorer Browser
control nor the things it relies on are quite full featured, so
there's no real lack of things one could work on if the above were to
be insufficient for an entire project. Many of the new interfaces
introduced in Vista+ are also poorly (or not at all) supported.
There's also the issue of supporting shell extensions like you
mentioned. I guess it boils down to what you want to accomplish and
how much time you think that will take you. :-)

Disclaimer: While I am trying to give a picture of where we're
currently at, I might not have much of any actual say in wine's gsoc


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