RFC: wined3d: Check for and use FBO blits early in BltOverride

Chris Robinson chris.kcat at gmail.com
Sun Mar 27 05:39:44 CDT 2011

On Sunday, March 27, 2011 1:57:17 AM Stefan Dösinger wrote:
> BltOverride is a horrible mess, and I'm afraid the patch doesn't make it
> any better. A long time ago Roderick started a cleanup to give the blit
> selection routine a more structured approach, but he never finished the
> work. Unfortunately a proper fix is not a weekend task :-(

Ultimately, I think the best approach would be to properly split up the 
blitters. Currently, WineD3D uses a catch-all Blt method that handles almost 
all blitting possibilities (including color-keying), with a fallback to do 
manual conversions and blits if an "accelerated" path is missed or not 
available, and also handling color-fill (and patterned drawing?).

The way D3D9 does it, there's different methods to handle blitting to and from 
various types of surfaces (eg, StretchRect for vidmem->vidmem only, no color-
keying, and acts as a resolver for multisampled surfaces). If I could, I'd add 
methods to IWineD3DDevice to handle it that way. Different methods for 
different purposes, and making the d3d/ddraw dlls select the appropriate 
blitter. Although it'd result in a bit of duplication until the monolithic Blt 
method can be removed, and I'm not all too familiar with wined3d's resource 
handling, nor do I know how to properly add new methods to wined3d interfaces.

Given how daunting a proper cleanup is, I figured it'd still be a good idea to 
handle more cases for accelerated blits with a "simple" patch, instead of 
letting it go vidmem->sysmem[->conversion->sysmem]->stretch->sysmem->vidmem, 
in addition to necessitating more converters that aren't otherwise needed 
(without this patch, it needs to use argb8->xrgb8 and rgba16f->xrgb8 
converters, the latter of which doesn't exist and adding it would be just as 
much of a hack as playing with BltOverride, IMO, not to mention being left 
with really crappy performance).

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