RFC: Remove unimplemented application menus?

Francois Gouget fgouget at free.fr
Sun Mar 27 06:50:07 CDT 2011

Some Wine programs, winefile in particular, have a lot of unimplemented 
menus. That is you can see the menu entry but clicking on it only gives 
you a 'Not yet implemented' error dialog (or does nothing in the case 
of iexplore). For instance just for the first two winefile menus none 
of the following are implemented:

  File -> Print...
  File -> Associate...
  File -> Search...
  File -> Select Files...
  Disk -> Share as...
  Disk -> Remove Share...
  Disk -> Select Drive...

I think such a situation is bad:
 * Having tons of unimplemented menus looks amateurish.
 * It's very confusing. You see tons of menus except over 50% of them 
   don't work. So it makes the GUI more complex with no benefit.
 * I suspect most of these menus have been unimplemented for years 
   so there is little hope of seeing them improve any time soon.
 * For a number of them it's questionable whether it makes sense to 
   implement them in Wine at all as they correspond to tasks that 
   better belong to the native system facilities (Share as for 
 * I doubt they serve any significant compatibility purpose.
 * In the mean time they generate more work for translators and 
   translation reviewers.
 * It generates more work for anyone checking whether the GUI is 
   consistent / follows human interface guidelines (wrt. ellipses for 

So I propose to simply remove unimplemented menus. When / if someone 
ever decides to implement some of the corresponding functionality, 
adding the corresponding code and GUI bits back should not be too hard.


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