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I've had a hard time finding information about what kind of
guarantees MS makes for concurrency in the winmm function set.
The best I've found so far is a 2005 blog entry written by Larry Osterman.

Concurrency, part way too many2 - Concurrency and the Win32 API set
"I implicated the concurrency issues when I mentioned that
 all DLLs need to be multi-thread safe [...]"
"The Windows MME APIs (waveOutXxx, waveInXxx, mixerXxx, etc) also
 protect their internal data structures.  But they also support
 callback functions [...]"

That's short.
If you find anything else, please tell me.

The irritating thing about Wine bug #9026 (waveOutReset during
waveOutClose) and bug #22978 (MCI_CLOSE) is that they involve
no concurrency from the app's POV.  In both cases, the app
issues a sequence of PlaySound resp. mciSendCommand from a
single thread.  Concurrency appears as Wine internally makes
use of player threads.

 Jörg Höhle

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