[PATCH] kernel32: Populate HKLM\HARDWARE\DEVICEMAP\Scsi on Mac OS.

Charles Davis cdavis at mymail.mines.edu
Thu Mar 31 14:07:45 CDT 2011

On 3/30/11 2:53 AM, Alexandre Julliard wrote:
> Charles Davis <cdavis at mymail.mines.edu> writes:
>> How do you propose to do that? The way this is done on Linux, it's
>> probably fine to just build up/tear down an entry for each device that
>> HAL/udev detects, but DiskArbitration only handles disks (and not other
>> types of SCSI devices) on Mac.
> I don't think we care about other types of devices at this point.
All right.

Do you want me to rip out the old Linux /proc/ide and /proc/scsi parsing
code, or do you want to move that over to mountmgr, too?


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