MS XInput*.dll implementation

Dan Kegel dank at
Tue Nov 1 08:34:16 CDT 2011

I doubt anyone's working on it (would like to be wrong about that).
Things to keep in mind:
- contributing test cases is good
- looking at Microsoft code, even watching traces with Process
Monitor, is bad and can get your code rejected
- so contributing test cases is very good.  blackbox testing,
illuminated by msdn or other doc, is the way to establish
the real spec.
- pointing to a freely downloadable real game that benefits from a
patch is helpful
- quick and dirty prototype that kind of works would gather some interest
- but to get real code in, do it in small useful chunks, each with a
test if possible
- See of course
- Generally pay more attention to people with more patches in,
   git shortlog -s -n --since="(1year)" origin
 and of course to people who have contributed input code.  I'm
 just an interested bystander at this point.

Good luck!
- Dan

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