[PATCH] mmdevapi: Print a winediag message for the registry driver value

Alexandre Julliard julliard at winehq.org
Tue Nov 1 13:22:30 CDT 2011

Andrew Eikum <aeikum at codeweavers.com> writes:

> @@ -126,6 +127,8 @@ static BOOL init_driver(void)
>          if(RegQueryValueExW(key, drv_value, 0, NULL, (BYTE*)reg_list,
>                      &size) == ERROR_SUCCESS){
> +            TRACE_(winediag)("MMDevAPI driver registry value: %s\n",
> +                    wine_dbgstr_w(reg_list));

I'm not sure that's very useful, winediag messages are supposed to be
ERRs. If people having an old broken registry key is really a problem,
then we should use a different key, or maybe simply get rid of it and do
it through dll overrides or something like that.

Alexandre Julliard
julliard at winehq.org

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