[10/11] ddraw/tests: Add assorted D3D3 DrawPrimitive/visual tests.

Stefan Dösinger stefandoesinger at gmx.at
Mon Nov 7 17:23:49 CST 2011


Design-wise I think the 8 triangles and readback grid make the test fairly 
difficult to read. You could set up a structure that contains the d3d parameters 
you're changing between the tests and the expected color and then loop over 
the table. Something like this:

const struct
	BOOL d3drs_lighting;
	DWORD dp_flags; <- for things like D3DP_DONOTLIGHT
	DWORD fvf;
	void *vertices;
	DWORD expected_color;
test_data[] =

You can also think about sharing this control table between d3d2, d3d3 and 
d3d7 by having different color fields for that, but I don't know how well this 
will work.

On Monday 07 November 2011 23:27:13 Octavian Voicu wrote:

Please make data const where you can.

> +        /* Note: IDirect3DDevice3::DrawPrimitive calls with D3DVT_ vertex
> types should fail. */ +
> +        /* Triangle 0 -- D3DFVF_VERTEX (vertices with normals, but without
> colors). */ +        hr = IDirect3DDevice3_DrawPrimitive(Direct3DDevice3,
> +                                            vertices, 3, D3DDP_WAIT);
> +        ok(hr != DDERR_INVALIDPARAMS, "DrawPrimitive returned: %08x\n",
> hr);
I don't think there's a point in testing this, both D3DVT_* and D3DFVF_* are 
defines / enums that map to integers, and it is obvious that you get wrong 
behavior if you mix those.

The ok condition looks strange. If you're trying to avoid a todo_wine, don't 
do that, just mark tests that show a difference between Wine and Windows as 
(I guess Wine currently returns DD_OK, and Windows returns 

> +    /* Make sure getPixelColor works correctly. */
> +    color = getPixelColor(device, 320, 240);
> +    ok(color == RED, "getPixelColor returned: %08x\n", color);
We have some sanity checks for that in the main function

Most of this applies to the d3d2 and d3d3 tests as well. I haven't looked over 
the cleanup patches yet.
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