RFC: depending on getifaddrs in iphlpapi

Michael Stefaniuc mstefani at redhat.com
Thu Nov 10 11:35:55 CST 2011

Hello Juan,

Juan Lang wrote:
> right now iphlpapi uses autoconf to detect if getifaddrs is available,
> and only uses it to enumerate IPv6 addresses.
> I'm thinking of replacing the current IPv4 enumeration code, which
> uses ioctl/SIOCGIFCONF, with getifaddrs.  The reason I'm leaning
> toward replacing, rather than adding side-by-side with the current
> code, is that getifaddrs is commonly available:  it's available on all
> recent versions of Linux, as well as on FreeBSD and MacOS.  There
recent versions of Linux as of which year?

> might be some platform somewhere that's disenfranchised by this, but
> I'm not sure it's worth the code complexity to maintain the current
> code.
What about Solaris/OpenSolaris? That's the only other major system where
Wine can be made to run.

> Any strenuous objections?
> Reasons to use getifaddrs rather than ioctls:
> 1. SIOCGIFCONF is actually pretty fiddly, and is the current code is
> broken on FreeBSD, or FreeBSD's support is broken (bug 27653.)
> 2. SIOCGIFFLAGS is apparently broken on current Linux versions.  I
> haven't found any bug against Wine or Linux about that, I just noticed
> it while testing the existing code.


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