Include math.h in d3dx9math.inl as it uses sqrt().

Daniel Scharrer dscharrer at
Thu Nov 10 12:02:11 CST 2011


> Does the Microsoft header include math.h?
I'm sorry, it seems I made a mistake here: the actual header file
(d3dx9math.h) from wine includes math.h so the sqrt usage is ok.

However, d3dx9math.inl also uses min and max macros which aren't
included anywhere. Because of this a winelib user has to
define/include those symbols before including d3dx9math.h (that was my
original problem). I'm pretty certain that is not the case for the
Microsoft headers.

A quick grep of the wine include files shows that the min/max macros
are defined in windef.h, minmax.h and msvcrt/stdlib.h - I have no idea
which one should be included here.

Again, sorry for the bogus patch and thanks for the quick response.

Daniel Scharrer

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