added remaining functions, data structures, definitions required by http api to include/

Juan Lang juan.lang at
Thu Nov 17 20:24:01 CST 2011

Hi Arash,

>> I'm also concerned whether this was the product of copy/paste, which
>> isn't allowed.  Was it?

> about that copy/paste stuff,
> well I guess we eventually produce an almost identical header file with one
> in the SDK
> I mean everything in the header file is already exposed to the user and "IS"
> part of API
> am I not right?

I might agree with you, but lawyers might not.  As a result, we don't
allow copy/paste code in Wine, even in headers.

> just one more question if you don't mind!
> should I use winsock for socket programming or native linux's? and
> for some library I may need (regex for example) is there any restriction or
> convection or something like that or I can use any third party lib?

Native linux sockets are typically used, unless there's good reason
for them not to be.

3rd party libraries are harder to work with.  You typically have to
choose something which you expect will be installed on every common
platform, built appropriate configure checks to determine if the
library is present at compile time, make your code fail gracefully if
not, and dynamically load the library at runtime.  Static linking is
also viable, if you expect the library is commonly available, and if
the license is compatible:  LGPL and BSD are, GPL is not, just to give
a few examples.

It'd help more if we knew precisely what you're working on, and what
you need e.g. regex for.

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