[3/4] winemaker: Be less picky when detecting the target type (try 2)

André Hentschel nerv at dawncrow.de
Sun Nov 20 05:48:29 CST 2011

Am 19.11.2011 20:18, schrieb Vitaliy Margolen:
> On 11/19/2011 11:42 AM, André Hentschel wrote:
>> this catches more than one 0 after the space and possible 0s after the x
>> +                if (/[[:space:]]0+x0*101$/) {
> For more then one you should use "+" not "*". "*" means any number, including 0.
> Vitaliy

So i used:
+ before "x" to match at least one 0, but don't complain if it's more than one like "00x0101"
* after "x" to match no 0 like in "00x101" or expect much more like in "00x0101" or maybe something like "0x0099"

that's what i meant with "possible 0s"


Best Regards, André Hentschel

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