Compiling Wine without prelink

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Hi Marteen,
Could you expand what exactly would not work?  Does Wine place the DLLs at a particular address and if not specified with the prelink tool, then they will fail to work?  It is my understanding that if the libraries are not prelinked, then the loading linker will pick its own address to load them at.  That is the behavior I want to test.  My target platform is refusing to map and gives me the following error:
"Cannot load library: load_segments[928]: 290 failed to map segment from '' @ 0xfbe00000 (0x0007b07c). p_vaddr=0x7bc00000 p_offset=0x00000000"
I'm looking for a way around this and not p;roviding a base address may do it.

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Hey Roger,

On 11/27/2011 10:29 PM, Roger Cruz wrote:
> What is the proper way to ask the configure script not to use 'prelink' on the generated shared libraries?  I don't want to remove the prelink from my development platform but just tell the configurator to ignore it.
Prelink is only used to force dlls to certain addresses, not for anything else. Without prelink this would not work..
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