[Question] Built-in indeo drivers

Maxim max_pole at gmx.de
Wed Oct 5 10:14:22 CDT 2011

Hi crews,

I want to propose a solution for the well-known problem with Indeo
codecs. Details here:

There is a bunch of (old) games still using indeo in their cut scenes.
For that reason the installation of the Intel DLLs is required.
Unfortunately, old indeo codecs prior the version 5 contain bugs and
their support has been discontinued for years. Moreover, Microsoft has
disabled indeo in the latest OSes due to security issues.

I volunteer myself to create an open-source bult-in replacement for
indeo v3,4 and 5 based on my patches for ffmpeg. The code will be
reworked in order to remove ffmpeg/libav library dependencies.
Only decoding will be implemented. Encoding would require a huge amount
of time and it doesn't worth it...

Would be such a patch appreciated?

Best regards
Maxim Poliakovski

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