[patch] Fake display interface

Jari Vetoniemi mailroxas at gmail.com
Thu Oct 6 14:37:30 CDT 2011

I have updated this to support multiple resolutions(&& frequencies)
and also made it use only one registry key.
If the registry key is empty, or does not exist, or WINE_FAKEDISP
environment variable is not defined it won't be used at all.

Syntax is the same, expect you can separate multiple resolutions with
I've been using it for a while now, and find it really useful for
applications that might change resolution.
Also keeping both monitors alive (Game on other monitor for example,
while doing stuff on other).
And it can also make games use resolution that is normally unsupported.

Here is screen of Ys Origins running 1440x900 where it normally does not:

Just let you know, if anyone else found the patch useful.

2011/9/6 Jari Vetoniemi <mailroxas at gmail.com>:
> Well, I did the patch mostly for personal use and dropped here as some
> might find it useful.
> If wine ever needs something like this, let's say for testing or for
> some people wanting to fake display information, or do not want to use
> XRandR or others for some reason, then it would at least need to
> support multiple resolutions I guess.
> ATM it only supports one, also it would be good to get rid of the
> useless registry keys and just provide one with same syntax as the
> environment variable one. Both should be easy to implement, I don't
> know where wine gets/sends the color depth information, so it could be
> faked too, but I'm not sure if it's worth it.
> But the patch should do the faking clean way, I guess. It's just
> another interface like the XRandR selector and such.
> As for, do we need it? I don't know. I need it :)
> Correct way to add it? See above, but I highly suspect this ever
> getting into mainline. It's not correct behavior and is quite niche
> patch.
> Does the patch look good? See above, registry keys could be cleaned
> and multiple resolutions separated with eg ';' letter would be nice.
> Also I'm not sure what is the take on defining environment variables.
> 2011/9/6 GOUJON Alexandre <ale.goujon at gmail.com>:
>> On 09/06/2011 02:25 PM, Jari Vetoniemi wrote:
>>> I have them both disabled, however then some applications won't work
>>> because they don't get any resolution information.
>>> I only use FakeDisp.
>> IMO, there is a need and your patch is a solution (among other).
>> Is there a relevant developer able to answer these questions ?
>> - Do we need this feature ?
>> - If so, what is the correct/clean way to add it into mainline ?
>> - Does the patch look good or what is wrong ?
>> I know there is no [RFC] in the subject of this thread but you're definitely
>> requesting comments.

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