Governance of Wine with respect to the Software Freedom Conservancy (update October 2011)

Juan Lang juan.lang at
Fri Oct 7 12:27:43 CDT 2011

Hi Michael,

> Not that I have any problems with our benevolent overlords, and not
> that I would likely achieve franchise with a scant 2 patches under my
> belt, but I can't help wondering how such a revolt would succeed
> seeing as the only method to achieve franchise-hood is controlled by
> the same people one would be revolting against.

You are new around here, we bottom-post ;)

Not true, of course.  Alexandre is at the top of the list of
contributors, naturally, but he doesn't constitute a controlling
majority.  (I'm discounting Jeremy's contributions, which is correct
within tolerable error <snarky grin>.)

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