valgrind and buildbot

Dan Kegel dank at
Sun Oct 9 13:36:02 CDT 2011

As always, is just now starting to look stable
(kind of like fusion power is always nearly practical).
So I'm starting to look at adding valgrind to the buildbot.
I won't check for memory leaks at all, since those are too numerous to count.
And I'll only valgrind the tests immediately related to each proposed patch.

First, though, I need a complete suppressions file for all existing
wine valgrind warnings.  That's going to take a while to put
together, since some of the warnings don't show up on every

And before I bother to automate anything, I'm taking a little detour,
looking at the existing warnings, and trying to see if we can make a
little progress on some of them.

The script
is how I'm starting to do a manual sweep for valgrind errors.
I'm going DLL by DLL, starting with advapi32, looking
carefully at each valgrind error.

For each error that looks spurious or expected, I will add a
suppression to the existing global suppressions file,

For each error that looks real, I'll try to understand it and fix it if
the error is not deep, or file a wine bug and add a matching suppression to
When bugs get fixed, I'll remove the matching suppressions from that file.

This morning I looked at a grand total of one valgrind warning (in
and filed for it.

I did glance at a couple more; advapi32/crypt.c has a bunch of expected
errors (which I'll probably add to valgrind-suppressions), and atl/atl_ax
has a bunch of what look like real errors (which I'll probably file a bug
for and add to valgrind-blacklist).

It'll probably take quite a while to catalog the baseline errors
and get a complete blacklist.  If it takes too long (more than a few weeks),
I'll chuck it and do a dumb blanket suppression of all existing warnings.

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