[2/6] wined3d: Pass the destination surface to blitters

Henri Verbeet hverbeet at gmail.com
Thu Oct 13 15:27:19 CDT 2011

On 13 October 2011 20:58, Stefan Dösinger <stefan at codeweavers.com> wrote:
> What does the interface you plan look like?
It's mostly a matter of getting rid of set_shader() / unset_shader()
and introducing calls for doing color and depth blits. This shouldn't
be much of a surprise, I'm pretty sure we looked at this when Roderick
was still working on the blit code.

> initiates the data transfer(That could include blitters that call
> glTexSubImage2D when blitting from sysmem->vidmem)
That's not necessarily something that belongs in individual blitters
either. The idea is to make the blitters do GPU -> GPU transfers only,
and do CPU <-> GPU mostly as uploads / downloads. I have some patches
that go in that direction already.

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