Regression testing breakthrough

Scott Ritchie scott at
Tue Oct 18 07:25:42 CDT 2011


On 10/18/2011 01:45 AM, Damjan Jovanovic wrote:
> I haven't figured out how to make the binaries available to users. Few
> users can clone a 26 gigabyte repository, and even fewer places can
> serve that much to multiple users. Maybe Git can compress it further?
> The other idea I had is that users should be able to regression test
> through a GUI tool. Maybe the GUI tool can just download and run the +/-
> 122 MB binary snapshots for specific commits, instead of having the
> entire binary repository locally?
> Any other ideas? Would you like to see this tool? Can I send an
> attachment with it?

Perhaps you could use an intermediary server and a script.  The user
tells the script "works" or "doesn't" and then the script fetches the
binary via rsync from a special directory on the server that has the git
repo there.  That way the user only needs to download the binaries he
runs, and even then they'll be done incrementally via rsync magic.

Scott Ritchie

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