po: Update English (US) translation

Ken Sharp kennybobs at o2.co.uk
Tue Oct 18 10:21:47 CDT 2011

On 18/10/11 16:01, Francois Gouget wrote:
> On Tue, 18 Oct 2011, Ken Sharp wrote:
> [...]
>> Okay that should be simple enough, but what is po/en_US.po for then? Won't the
>> translations in en_US.po override any US translations in the .rc files?
> Currently it's 100% translated and I suspect all strings are simply
> copied as is:
> 2524 (100.0%) translated, 0 (0.0%) fuzzy, 0 (0.0%) untranslated, total 2524

As I understand it, en_US is picked up by _ENGLISH_US or _DEFAULT. 
_DEFAULT obviously being the default English sublang, but also US should 
be the fallback. http://wiki.winehq.org/SublangNeutral

So either _DEFAULT _is_ US English and hence only the _DEFAULT needs to 
be translated to US English (and hence there being no actual need for a 
US translation) or _DEFAULT should be in British English (and hence no 
need for a British translation).  Of course the same link states that 
_NEUTRAL should be a British translation (and again _ENGLISH_BRITISH 
would serve no purpose).

The other English sublangs pick up the translation from _NEUTRAL which 
makes sense, but _US picks up _DEFAULT.

_US = obsolete
_BRITISH = obsolete

And all other sublangs = _NEUTRAL

> Where it gets a bit strange is that en.po is partially translated even
> though it claims to be 'Automatically Generated' (so I'd expect either
> 0% or 100%):

I think the "Automatically Generated" statement comes from when they 
were created to replace .rc translations.  This is updated automatically 
when using poedit by your own details, but I won't use poedit as it 
insists on changing the layout of the existing .po files (which may 
actually be for the best in the long-run).

However, I may simply be misunderstanding this and they are 
automatically generated from the .rc files.  If so then this would clear 
things up for me no end.  I would finally see the light!

> 1748 (69.3%) translated, 0 (0.0%) fuzzy, 776 (30.7%) untranslated, total 2524
> My understanding it that en.po contains the British translation and is
> treated as just another translation. So instead of containing just the
> strings that need to be different, all the other strings are copied as
> well by the translators so they know what has been checked already.

If en.po is British (and it is automatically generated) it *should* be 
picking up _NEUTRAL and _BRITISH translations from the .rc files.  If 
this is the case then en_*.po (with the exception of en_US.po) will be 
almost identical.

Could anyone clarify this?  The translation Wiki entry doesn't make this 
abundantly clear to me.

Apologies for the confusion.

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