Fix Bug 23124 with an "ln -s"

Austin English austinenglish at
Wed Oct 19 13:11:36 CDT 2011

On Tue, Oct 18, 2011 at 17:25, Ken Sharp <kennybobs at> wrote:
> Could someone tell me if the attached patch would actually work?
> It does compile and works correctly with LANG=en_PH.utf-8 but I'm don't know
> that:
> 1. Using an "ln -s" is acceptable, nor if it will work given some file
> systems may be unable to use soft links.

This will break the mingw/cygwin builds, as well as compiling on fat32
(already broken, but let's not make it worse..).

You'll need to do this using autoconf/Makefile magic, $(LN_S), which
will use `cp -p` on systems that don't support `ln -s`.


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