[3/6] dinput: SetActionMap saving simple configurations to an .ini file

Vitaliy Margolen wine-devel at kievinfo.com
Sun Oct 23 12:58:36 CDT 2011

Few nit picks.

On 10/22/2011 02:53 PM, Lucas Fialho Zawacki wrote:
> +static void _write_private_profile_intW(const char *format, WCHAR* section, WCHAR* key, int value, WCHAR* file)
> +{
> +    WCHAR* value_str = heap_printfW(format, value);
Here and everywhere else you not checking if memory allocation succeeded.

> +    WCHAR path[] = {
> +        '%','C','o','m','m','o','n','P','r','o','g','r','a','m','F','i','l','e','s','%','\\',
> +        'D','i','r','e','c','t','X','\\',
> +        'D','i','r','e','c','t','I','n','p','u','t','\\',
> +        'U','s','e','r',' ','M','a','p','s','\0'};
Missing static const qualifiers. Also the above directory does not exists 
and you not explicitly creating it.

> +    guid_strA = debugstr_guid(&lpdiaf->guidActionMap);
> +    guid_size = MultiByteToWideChar(CP_ACP, 0, guid_strA, -1, NULL, 0);
I'm not sure debug function is ok to be used in the regular code. Also, if 
need it as unicode why not print it as unicode from the beginning?

> +    IDirectInputDevice_GetDeviceInfo(&This->IDirectInputDevice8W_iface, &didevi);
You should use IDirectInputDevice8W_from_impl() function instead of directly 
accessing internals.

> +                    memcpy(username, find_data.cFileName, (end - find_data.cFileName + 1) * sizeof(WCHAR));
No checking for big enough buffer. Assuming that file names are in specified 

Also I'm not exactly sure why do you need a mapping user name anyway? Wine 
does not support multiple users. The user currently running Wine would be 
the one created all the files. All this seems to be redundant.


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