winscard/tests: Add the tests file

Bruno Jesus 00cpxxx at
Wed Oct 26 09:00:45 CDT 2011

On Wed, Oct 26, 2011 at 11:38, Marvin <testbot at> wrote:
> === W2KPROSP4 (32 bit winscard) ===
> winscard.c:53: Test failed: SCardIsValidContext expected SCARD_E_INVALID_HANDLE, received 00000006
> winscard.c:64: Test failed: SCardReleaseContext expected SCARD_E_INVALID_HANDLE, received 00000006

It looks like Win2000 didn't have the SCARD_E_INVALID_HANDLE and
instead return the win error INVALID_HANDLE (error 6). If possible and
if no one finds any problem with the patch I would ask for it to be
commited as is because I'll fix this in a newer patch using broken.

Best wishes,

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