[patch] Fake display interface

Jari Vetoniemi mailroxas at gmail.com
Fri Sep 2 15:57:45 CDT 2011

Yeah, I'm aware of virtual desktop and used to create scripts to
launch applications using wine explorer \desktop=WIDTHxHEIGHT or
whatever the parameters were, it works well. But means that you have
to create always new shell script, and it also can prevent desktop
integration for certain application. If you globally enable that also,
it means that every application opens on the same virtual desktop.
Also virtual desktop won't fake the display resolutions to application
which is useful in certain cases.

2011/9/2 Hin-Tak Leung <hintak_leung at yahoo.co.uk>:
> --- On Fri, 2/9/11, Jari Vetoniemi <mailroxas at gmail.com> wrote:
>> Hello,
>> I personally hate when applications decide to change my
>> screen
>> resolution without asking me, or some applications just
>> won't run
>> inside window.
>> So I did fake display interface for the winex11.drv. It
>> allows you to
>> send any display resolution and frequency to the
>> application, but it
>> does not change resolution.
>> It's small and simple patch, and won't probably ever be
>> included into
>> the mainline wine. However I'll post it here as it might be
>> useful for
>> some.
>> To enable, create string key UseFakeDisp with value Y in
>> H_C_U/Software/Wine/X11 Driver
>> Default fake resolution is 800x600 60HZ, you can change
>> default with
>> registry keys FakeDispHeight, FakeDispWidth, FakeDispFreq
>> You can also use env variable
>> WINE_FAKEDISP=1024x768_60)
>> Might improve it later to use the same syntax for default
>> resolution
>> and allow multiple fake resolutions to be defined with ;
>> separator.
>> This is also useful for dual head setups where you may want
>> to run
>> game or application fullscreen on other monitor while still
>> keeping
>> the other alive.
>> There is also interesting side effect: While some
>> applications throw
>> error or won't run on resolutions they don't support, some
>> applications that don't support them still run with the
>> resolution
>> specified. Eg. I can run Ys games with 1440x900 resolution
>> where they
>> normally would not run, and they look great.
> In winecfg there is a way of configuring wine to run under its own desktop window (and having any window application's windows running inside that), instead of having the unix host's window manager managing the window application's window. Have you tried using that? Granted it is a bit awkward for what you want to do (having to go into winecfg to change the desktop's resolution and resetting it afterwards, instead of passing the resolution in per application), but may be improving on that functionality in winecfg could get your code included eventually somehow.

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