Getting Wine's PO files on Launchpad

Francois Gouget fgouget at
Sun Sep 4 17:26:31 CDT 2011

Launchpad has a PO file translation website. This makes it easier for 
non-developpers to contribute and review translations.

So what would it take to get Wine's PO files on Launchpad?

 * Launchpad tracks who translated what string and if we choose the 
   'Closed' permissions model only approved translators can update the 
   translations. So that means we should be able to get patches with 
   full attribution.

 * Launchpad would need to pull updated PO files from Wine regularly. 
   Ideally that would be automatic and happen daily (both to account 
   for translations happening outside Launchpad and to take changes in 
   the resource files into account quickly).

 * Conversely Launchpad should submit patches back to Wine. Ideally that 
   would be automated as much as possible but I'm fuzzy on the details 
   here (especially on how to preserve attribution). As for the 
   periodicity, maybe the best would be weekly or just before Alexandre 
   makes a release.   

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