urlmon:sec_mgr failure on XP

Francois Gouget fgouget at free.fr
Sat Sep 10 05:33:39 CDT 2011

This test now fails on my Widnows XP VMs that have IE >= 7 with 'All 
zones reset to default level':

sec_mgr.c:1695: Test failed: Expected zone 3, but got 1 for 'file/testing/test.test'

The patch that introduces the failures is 98d5dfb8 which was committed 
on the 5th.

I did some experiments and I can get this test to pass if I do:
 * Go to the Internet Properties control panel
 * Security tab
 * Select 'Local intranet'
 * Click on the 'Sites' button
 * Deselect 'Automatically detect intranet network'
 * Deselect 'Include all local (intranet) sites not listed in other zones'
 * Click on 'OK'

I also checked on Windows 7 and by default it has the first checkbox 
checked but the second one unchecked. Disabling 'Automatically detect 
intranet network' and enabling 'Include all local sites...' to match 
Windows XP causes the test to fail on Windows 7 too.

Finally, on XP even if I deselect all the 'Include XXX' checkboxes but 
select the 'Automatically detect intranet network' one the test fails 
while with the same configuration it passes on Windows 7. So I think 
this reflects a difference in the way the intranet detection works.

So I'm hoping that you can fix the test.

The easiest fix would be to remove the 'file/testing/test.test' check. 
An alternative would be to check what the settings are and adjust the 
expected result or skip the test. But it seems like this would be much 
more complex.

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