[1/3] msxml3: Add xmlparser interfaces

Alistair Leslie-Hughes leslie_alistair at hotmail.com
Mon Sep 12 05:08:54 CDT 2011

Hi Francois,

> I think that's the problem. Wine reimplements the Windows' Platform SDK
> Win32 and Win64 APIs, not Windows Mobile which is what the PowerPC SDK
> is. Apparently there are some differences so it would be best not to mix
> the two.
> Note that this is not to say that Wine should not also implement the
> Windows Mobile API, just that adding support for it would require larger
> adjustments.

It shouldn't be a problem, this is the only place you can get a reference to 
interfaces.  It appears that once these interfaces were Deprecated they 
where removed
from the SDK for msxml. See MSDN to show that they now deprecated, and they
aren't just for Mobile Devices.

It was part of the msxml3 at some point on windows, see bug

Best Regards
 Alistair Leslie-Hughes


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