Support for alternate data streams in NtCreateFile?

Frédéric Delanoy frederic.delanoy at
Mon Sep 12 07:18:54 CDT 2011


What is the support status of (NTFS) names streams in wine?
I only see include/winnt.h:4788:#define FILE_NAMED_STREAMS 0x00040000
but it doesn't seem to be used anywhere else in the code.
(there's probably no possible translation in most filesystems)

NtCreateFile (hence cmd) currently happily creates files/directories
with colons in them, while it probably shouldn't for most FS.

I'm asking this because ':' is normally disallowed in file/dirnames
(, and
was trying to add tests in ntdll/tests/file.c, except when named
streams are supported by the underlying FS.
Should I test the flags returned from GetVolumeInformation, and add
tests for both named-stream-allowed and non-named-stream allowed FSs?

Or should I assume that named streams won't ever be implemented and
assume colons are disallowed, without checking the FILE_NAMED_STREAMS


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