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Fri Sep 16 09:56:00 CDT 2011

You might be interested in looking at Appinstall by Austin English. He has
done some great work on using autohotkey and doing application installs. I
started a GSOC project that wasn't accepted last year to improve upon it.
I've made improvements since then but I guess I never pushed it to my
github. I'll see about pushing the changes I've made tonight, in the
meantime here is my github of "apptester" [1]. I was working mostly with
python and using bash for wpkg. wpkg helps to automate the installation of
apps. For the actually testing I was still trying to find out a good way to
test a gui in an automated sort of fashion. Never really find a easy way
because windows menus aren't automation friendly. I also looked at adding
some of MSAA or Microsoft UI Automation support to wine but never got very

Personally I think automated application testing is the next major testing
platform for wine. Test suites are the most important, but application
testing can mean knowing when new software works in wine and from a user
standpoint of view more "interesting" and applicable than what test suites
are getting passed.

-Seth Shelnutt


On Fri, Sep 16, 2011 at 9:42 AM, Bruno Jesus <00cpxxx at> wrote:

> Hi, I would like your opinion about a project I may start based on
> BuildBot (if the Dan/license allows).
> It's named crashbot because it's intended to automate testing of
> applications that crash in wine. The main goal is reduce the amount of
> time wasted on retesting bugzilla applications that authors abandoned.
> It's intented to be as easy as this:
> 1 - Add a new application by setting it's name, bug number and direct
> download url;
> 2 - Add requirements to run using winetricks;
> 3 - Set the test schedule (interval in days/weeks between repetitions);
> 4 - See the results in a web page which will automatically update;
> 5 - Auto send an email if the application starts successfully.
> The crashbot will run in a tmpfs to avoid disk burning and will ever
> run applications in a clean prefix. It would extract the downloaded
> program if necessary. Wine would be recompiled daily based on latest
> git.
> In the future I would like to add support to some sort of window
> scripting with keyboard and mouse input so it can be used not only to
> test startup crashs but any other kind of test (including the program
> installation before run). I'm not targeting it to test games for now
> because it would run in a very basic computer with an embedded video
> board.
> Thanks in advance and apologies if this already exists or was
> discussed previously.
> Best wishes,
> Bruno
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