[po]updated korean resource(2011-09-16)

Francois Gouget fgouget at free.fr
Sat Sep 17 18:33:53 CDT 2011

>  #: attrib.rc:47
> -#, fuzzy
>  msgid ""
>  "ATTRIB - Displays or changes file attributes.\n"
>  "\n"

The reason why this one was fuzzy is that the indentation changed. 
However the translation's indentation has not be updated (which might 
possibly be ok for Korean), and it also seems to be pretty inconsistent 
(e.g. between the +/- lines and the R/A/etc ones. Also the '[drive:]' 
should probably really be indented.

 #: cmd.rc:288
-#, fuzzy
 msgid ""
 "CMD built-in commands are:\n"
 "ASSOC\t\tShow or modify file extension associations\n"

The translation is missing the XCOPY line (it's hard to spot in the 
middle of all these lines).

Maybe I should add translator comments when I mark a translation as 
fuzzy. This way the real translator would not have to puzzle over what 
caused the string to be marked as fuzzy. I have not been doing it 
because I worry they may be tricky to remove with some PO editors (but 
maybe my fears are unfounded).

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