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Hello, Nikolay.

20.09.2011 23:00, Nikolay Sivov пишет:
> On 9/20/2011 22:33, Alexander Lakhin wrote:
>> English strings removed, partial translation fixed too.
>>  #: crypt32.rc:53 cryptdlg.rc:31
>> -#, fuzzy
>>  msgctxt "Certification Practice Statement"
>>  msgid "CPS"
>> -msgstr "CPS"
>> +msgstr "РУЦ"
> What does that mean exactly? I didn't find such abbreviation anywhere.


It means "Регламент Удостоверяющего центра" 
>>  #: jscript.rc:48
>> -#, fuzzy
>>  msgid "URI to be decoded is incorrect"
>>  msgstr "URI содержит неверные символы"
> That's not a translation.
Sorry, I haven't looked at jscript.rc and not seen that it contains two 
distinct strings
     IDS_URI_INVALID_CODING  "URI to be decoded is incorrect"
     IDS_URI_INVALID_CHAR    "URI to be encoded contains invalid characters"
One for encodeURI and other for the decodeURI. So if it's needed to 
emphasize this, then I would translate both as:
msgid "URI to be decoded is incorrect"
msgstr "Декодируемый URI неверен"

msgid "URI to be encoded contains invalid characters"
msgstr "В кодируемом URI обнаружены неверные символы"

In fact, this error occurs even when only one invalid character 
encountered, so maybe it's better to translate it as
msgstr "В кодируемом URI обнаружен неверный символ"

>>  #: oleview.rc:114
>>  msgid "Ask for an in-process handler when calling CoGetClassObject"
>>  msgstr ""
>> +"Запросить использование обработчика \"в процессе\" при вызове "
>> +"CoGetClassObject"
> "Использовать" is better here IMO, you just don't say the way you 
> translated it.
It seems that "Использовать обработчик" would be better if it doesn't 
substantially alter the original meaning. And now I think it doesn't. So 
I can shorten these strings.
>>  "\n"
>>  "Например:\n"
>>  "  wineconsole cmd\n"
>> -"Запустить командный процессор Wine в консоли Wine\n"
>> +"Открывает командное приглашение Wine в консоли Wine.\n"
>>  "\n"
> This was better before change.
I just wanted to make the translation closer to the original:
"Starts the Wine command prompt in a Wine console.\n"
And I can't found any other mentions of "командный процессор" in the 
russian translation.
>>  #: wordpad.rc:173
>> -#, fuzzy
>>  msgctxt "unit: inch"
>>  msgid "in"
>> -msgstr "in"
>> +msgstr "дм"
> There's no common short name for inch AFAIK, "дм" is used for decimetre.
I agree with you, but in this context it's used to parse size units, 
such as "12 pt", and I looked at the same function in Microsoft Wordpad 
(Формат, Абзац, Отступ).
It accepts "пт" as points, and "дм" as inches.

>>  #: wordpad.rc:175
>> -#, fuzzy
>>  msgctxt "unit: point"
>>  msgid "pt"
>> -msgstr "pt"
>> +msgstr "пт"
> I'm not sure about this.

Best regards,
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