Tests failing on OSX

Francois Gouget fgouget at free.fr
Wed Sep 21 05:59:17 CDT 2011

On Wed, 21 Sep 2011, Ken Thomases wrote:
> That sounds like Mac OS X's application firewall which is Apple's 
> primary firewall instead of a more traditional packet filtering 
> firewall.  The application firewall is based around which local 
> applications and services are trusted to accept in-bound connections
> You can disable the application firewall in System Preferences 
> > Security > Firewall.

Yes that's the one that brings up this dialog. For instance if I run 
ws2_32:sock with the firewall enabled I get asked whether I want to 
allow 'wineserver' (!) to accept incoming network connections. 
Interestingly if I don't answer and look into the firewall configuration 
after ws2_32_test.exe is done, I see that wineserver did got added with 
'Block incomming connections'. So in the next run I am not asked that 
question again but then the connections are presumably really blocked.

A related question is whether it is actually known to have an impact on 
the test results or not. Again, looking at the ws_32:sock results I saw 
no difference, even over multiple runs. Looking at the full results of a 
pair of runs on winetest.org the only difference I saw is an unrelated 
failure in d3d9:device.


Is what's saving us that the firewall always allows connections 
originating from the local IP address (e.g. to

Windows XP / Vista / 7 pop up similar dialogs and I don't know if they 
cause trouble either. I suspect not and this may be the reason why too.

> Anyway, the application firewall is based on code-signing.  The user's 
> permission to allow a program to accept incoming connections is tied 
> to the program's signature.
> Since regularly testing Wine entails constantly rebuilding it, the 
> signature never survives for long and the system asks for permission 
> with every new build.

Exactly. So should the application firewall be causing trouble, the only 
solution would be to disable it :-( I guess there's no way to 
automatically authorize / sign the application?

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