po: Update Russian translation

Alexander Lakhin exclusion at gmail.com
Wed Sep 21 05:34:22 CDT 2011

I proposed such translation to replicate Windows xcopy behavior:
Заменить C:\xcacls.exe [Yes (да)/No (нет)/All (все)]?

IMO first way is not suitable for us (you have to input command with one 
keyboard layout (EN), and then switch to another (RU) just to answer the 
And I am afraid that "(да (Y)|нет (N))" is ambigous too, but if you 
prefer this way, I will make such corrections.

I will add the indentation where you pointed, and if all the other my 
explications accepted, I'll make another patch.

Best regards,

21.09.2011 13:47, Francois Gouget пишет:
> On Wed, 21 Sep 2011, Nikolay Sivov wrote:
> [...]
>>>    * "(Yes|No)" ->   "(да|нет)" and "Y" ->   "д"
>>>      This is used for languages where typing the translated strings
>>>      presents no special challenge.
>>>    * "(Yes|No)" ->   "(да (Y)|нет (N))" and "Y" ->   "Y"
>>>      If typing the translated strings is cumbersome for some reason (but
>>>      I guess it's not the case here).
>>>      In truth this approach is mostly used for accelerators. I guess
>>>      that's because Alt cannot be combined with characters composed
>>>      through dead keys or special input methods, and also because it
>>>      avoids trouble with accelerator collisions in case two translations
>>>      start with the same letter (like if 'Yes' and 'No' both both
>>>      translated to words starting with 'C' for instance).
>> I don't know what we use for other languages but I prefer second way.
> They all went with the first way:
> po/sr_RS at cyrillic.po:msgid "%s? (Yes|No)\n"
> po/sr_RS at cyrillic.po-msgstr "%s? (Да|Не)\n"
> po/da.po:msgid "%s? (Yes|No)\n"
> po/da.po-msgstr "%s? (Ja|Nei)\n"
> po/de.po:msgid "%s? (Yes|No)\n"
> po/de.po-msgstr "%s? (Ja|Nein)\n"
> po/fr.po:msgid "%s? (Yes|No)\n"
> po/fr.po-msgstr "%s ? (Oui|Non)\n"
> po/it.po:msgid "%s? (Yes|No)\n"
> po/it.po-msgstr "%s? (Sì|No)\n"
> po/ja.po:msgid "%s? (Yes|No)\n"
> po/ja.po:msgstr "%s? (Yes|No)\n" !!!
> po/ko.po:msgid "%s? (Yes|No)\n"
> po/ko.po-msgstr "%s? (예|아니오)\n"
> po/lt.po:msgid "%s? (Yes|No)\n"
> po/lt.po-msgstr "%s? (Taip|Ne)\n"
> po/nb_NO.po:msgid "%s? (Yes|No)\n"
> po/nb_NO.po-msgstr "%s? (Ja|Nei)\n"
> po/nl.po:msgid "%s? (Yes|No)\n"
> po/nl.po-msgstr "%s? (Ja|Nee)\n"
> po/pl.po:msgid "%s? (Yes|No)\n"
> po/pl.po-msgstr "%s? (Tak|Nie)\n"
> po/pt_BR.po:msgid "%s? (Yes|No)\n"
> po/pt_BR.po-msgstr "%s? (Sim|Não)\n"
> po/sl.po:msgid "%s? (Yes|No)\n"
> po/sl.po-msgstr "%s? (Da|Ne)\n"
> po/sr_RS at latin.po:msgid "%s? (Yes|No)\n"
> po/sr_RS at latin.po-msgstr "%s? (Da|Ne)\n"
> po/sv.po:msgid "%s? (Yes|No)\n"
> po/sv.po-msgstr "%s? (Ja|Nej)\n"

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