IPv6 issue on TestBot?

Per Johansson per at morth.org
Thu Sep 22 06:43:33 CDT 2011

22 sep 2011 kl. 12:14 skrev Michael Stefaniuc:

> Wow! /66? And that works? While the standard allows for that you "should
> use /64" which everybody and his dog read it as that is the only thing
> that needs to work and the only thing that get tested. IPv6 brings back
> the class-full thinking which everybody has to painfully unlearn once
> IPv6 catches on...
> "Safe" prefix length (especially if involving client devices) are:
> /64 - LAN
> /126 and /127 - point to point
> /128 - host routes

RFC3513 is quite more strict than "should":

   All global unicast addresses other than those that start with binary
   000 have a 64-bit interface ID field (i.e., n + m = 64), formatted as
   described in section 2.5.1.  Global unicast addresses that start with
   binary 000 have no such constraint on the size or structure of the
   interface ID field.

(2001:: has the binary prefix 001). So this might very well be the problem.

I've heard the reason for 64 bits is that it's what currently fits in most computer registers, but I don't know if it's true.

Pelle Johansson

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