crypt32: Cryptic string resources

Ben Peddell klightspeed at
Sun Sep 25 10:03:27 CDT 2011

On 25/09/2011 6:29 PM, Francois Gouget wrote:
> Are these strings seem to be lacking spaces a bit. Are they real names 
> or mere identifiers? Are they actually translatable?
> dlls/crypt32/crypt32.rc:
>     IDS_SPC_SP_AGENCY_INFO "SpcSpAgencyInfo"
>     IDS_SPC_FINANCIAL_CRITERIA "SpcFinancialCriteria"
>     IDS_SPC_MINIMAL_CRITERIA "SpcMinimalCriteria"

Those names are searched for by CryptFindOIDInfo() when the dwKeyType
argument is CRYPT_OID_INFO_NAME_KEY, and are the values returned in the
pwszName member of the CRYPT_OID_INFO structure.

I can confirm that crypt32 under Windows 7 returns those exact strings.

Ben Peddell
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