[PATCH 2/9] cmd: use GetCommandline() rather than argv

Martin Wilck mwilck at arcor.de
Sun Sep 25 07:51:20 CDT 2011

Hi Dan,

(re-cc'ing wine-devel)

> Running it through the buildbot now... seems ok on first two tries, so
> you may have accidentally fixed the problem.

I'll resubmit to wine-patches shortly, probably tonight.

>> > I ran the stuff through the bot, 0 errors everywhere except on NT (NT
>> > fails totally, do I really need to investigate that?).
> Yes, you may need to skip these tests on nt.
>> > I don't have a i7 machine,
> It's probably just mine that gets lucky.  Some tests
> fail better on some machines than others.
> Did you test with WINEDEBUG=warn+heap ?

No, I didn't. I thought you wree telling me that that made your problem
go away, so I didn't bother. I can do that of course if it helps.

>> but I tested on a Westmere EX server I have access to, no
>> problems with the conformance test. I also did some valgrind runs on
>> that machine, but I have little experience in reading valgrind output.
> Did you follow http://wiki.winehq.org/Wine_and_Valgrind ?
> Feel free to ask questions.

Yes, I did. I am seeing no regressions (read: additional warnings and/or
errors) between the trunk and my patched version.

> A few notes:
> +       if (!in_quotes && (*p == ' ' || *p == '\t')) {
> Could you use isspaceW() ?  I suppose not in the case statement below,
> but you check this in several places, and the function might be clearer
> (if it's correct)?

Honestly, I didn't consider it. I tried to change as little as possible
of the existing code.

> Is there duplication between WCMD_parameter and WCMD_parse
> that could be gotten rid of productively?

Yes, there is, as I noted in an early posting on this subject. Indeed
the two functions have essentially the same purpose. However I don't
feel bold enough to try fixing that as long as my current stuff isn't

Originally, all that I wanted to fix was 'echo "Hi"'. I have gone quite
a few steps ahead from there with my current patch set. When I see this
getting merged I'll consider further fixes, but I won't be able to
follow up *much* further.

Best regards

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