winecfg: Remove driver selection from Audio tab.

Vitaliy Margolen wine-devel at
Tue Sep 27 19:33:00 CDT 2011

On 09/27/2011 12:17 PM, Michael Stefaniuc wrote:
> On 09/27/2011 03:20 AM, Vitaliy Margolen wrote:
>> Could we please wait another week (until after the wineconf) before
>> doing these whole sale changes?
>> Please leave sound system and related winecfg code as-is.
> Why?
> Come to think of it this would be the right time to do it:
> - We are at the start of the commit period for 1.3.30
> - People will be busy traveling to/from WineConf so a regression won't
> halt their work.
> - Andrew won't travel so he can fix regressions.
> - We can directly motivate Andrew to fix those regressions "Oh,
> regressions still open? No dinner for you tonight!".

Exactly because of all the regressions introduced with such a huge change.

I'm not a big fan of ripping things out and replacing them with new and 
shiny just because no one understands how it all needs to be done in the 
first place. It would be much better to see the entire conversion to 
mmdevapi in a separate tree stabilized before making it's way to main tree.

Wine is driven by wrong objectives. Most developers here don't give much rip 
about regressions if the code they've put in is "right". This is exactly the 
wrong way to do it. Don't take it from me, take it from the person who knows 
it much better and knows what he is talking about:

"[T]he thing that really matters is the users of the code. The code itself 
is unimportant; the project is only as useful as people actually find it."

You think that all people who'll find their program broken because of this 
sound rewrite care about the code? Or that now dsound talks to mmdevapi 
instead of winmm? Or remarks by Andrew that "he doesn't want to fix old code 
because it's going away anyway. And he'd rather fix new code." a good excuse 
for their game to stop working on Wine?

I'd like you guys to think about what really is important users or code?

- Vitaliy

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