winecfg: Remove driver selection from Audio tab.

Joerg-Cyril.Hoehle at Joerg-Cyril.Hoehle at
Wed Sep 28 07:37:11 CDT 2011

Alex Bradbury wrote:
>Do correct me if I'm wrong here, but users who don't want regressions
>in their favourite apps/games should be using the stable release.
There's some chicken and egg problem.
1. Users find bugs in the stable release.
2. Should they ever report a bug, they'll be asked whether the "unstable"
    version is still affected, hence:
 => "nice" users (these who report bugs) end up using the "unstable" version,
    which they may not have wanted to run originally.

3. Furthermore, these users are expected to re-check the "unstable"
  version from time to time.

Perhaps the Wine Wiki should explain extremely well how people can keep
2 versions of Wine side by side, esp. when using distros.
 - one to play games;
 - another to play with bug reports.

Then one should explain very well why these people should invest
time to maintain 2 versions of Wine.

Probably the Wine bugzilla should explain why users are expected to do all this.
I guess it's based on the number of users: with so many users, you can't expect
the few devs to fill holes in bug reports. The users need do more work than when
filing a bug on a project with few users where the devs may spend a lot of time
on each individual bug report. If this were explained, perhaps more people would
be willing to help (instead of writing a short note to the forum).

Well, maybe the Debian way is excellent: ideally, Debian "stable" would contain
a particular release of Wine which has proven very good overall (not necessary 1.2.x).
For instance, on the Mac with nVidia, 1.1.24(!) is still an excellent choice.

 Jörg Höhle

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