RFC: KUSER_SHARED_DATA update patch to fix bug 29168

Joey Yandle dragon at dancingdragon.be
Mon Apr 2 21:34:09 CDT 2012

> Why do you need to update the data in wineserver and not in the client?

The problem is that the timer updates need to be extremely precise, or
they are worse than useless.  So we can either do that in every wine
process, or do it once in wineserver and share the memory.

On Windows, the kernel shares this memory with all applications for this
exact reason.

> Consider each wineserver call just an RPC, and leave it alone, server
> doesn't run anything in the background, and can't magically update timers
> behind the client's back.

I certainly agree that wineserver doesn't do this currently, but the
Windows kernel does, and there's no reason why wineserver can't.

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