Regression testing

Marcus Meissner marcus at
Thu Apr 12 03:30:30 CDT 2012

On Thu, Apr 12, 2012 at 10:23:07AM +0200, Daniel Jeliński wrote:
> Hello all,
> I am trying to get Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio to work
> flawlessly under Wine. For the most part I create and triage related
> bug reports, but recently I also started tinkering with code,
> specifically with comctl library, which I am most familiar with.
> Back on subject. I thought I found a regression - on Wine 1.4
> package downloaded from launchpad the "New query" button works fine,
> while on my compiled Wine it produces an error. So I did:
> git reset --hard wine-1.4
> make
> and, surprisingly, I still had the problem with the compiled
> version. However after some combination of deleting leftover files,
> running make clean, make depend and make the button started working,
> so I started bisecting, hoping for the best. At some point I started
> getting bad versions, and every subsequent compile was bad - even
> after I ended bisecting and returned to wine-1.4, the button still
> did not work (and it still works under packaged Wine - I use the
> same install for all tests). This time make clean && make depend &&
> make did not help.
> I am comparing what I did to [1], and the only difference I see is
> that I did not run configure before make. I'll try doing that later,
> but I think this shouldn't affect the outcome. Any other ideas?
> Also [1] suggests to set CC="ccache gcc -m32" on amd64 machines. I
> did that and when doing make I noticed that many lines start with:
> ccache gcc -m32 -m32
> I guess that CC="ccache gcc" would be enough - but I didn't test that yet.
> Also I noticed that running parallel make (make -j) is never
> mentioned on [1]. Is there any reason I shouldn't use it?

Did you "make clean" in between the bisect steps?

Especially going backwards during bisecting might be problematic.

Also if there is some specific in the created wineprefix it might
be necessary to recreate the wineprefix during every test :/

Ciao, Marcus

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