[GSoC] Reduce dependency on native dlls

William Panlener wpanlener at gmail.com
Fri Apr 13 22:03:24 CDT 2012

My name is William Panlener, and I am currently attending the University of
Mississippi as a first semester Masters student in Computer Science.  This
is my first time participating in GSoC.

My proposal for GSoC involves choosing an application with high dependence
on native dlls and implementing enough stubs so as to eliminate this
dependency.  I chose the game, League of Legends, and its installer, Pando
Media Booster.  Most stubs that require implementation are in msvcp90 and

I have two concerns with this proposal:
1) Is it unusual to work towards improving a specific application rather
than focusing on a specific component of wine?
2) The scope of the project is difficult to gauge in advance since the next
problematic stub cannot be identified until all the previous problematic
stubs are taken care of.  Is this an issue for a GSoC proposal?

I would be more than willing to revise my proposal (if this is allowed) if
either of the above points is a problem.
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