Wine automated testing update

Julius Schwartzenberg julius.schwartzenberg at
Mon Aug 6 15:42:29 CDT 2012

Francois Gouget wrote:
> On Thu, 21 Jun 2012, Julius Schwartzenberg wrote:
> [...]
>> Maybe freeSSHd and/or freeFTPd are useful:
>> At least the webpage claims it runs on Windows NT4 and higher. Logging
>> in over SSH just gives a command shell as far as I remember, so
>> this should allow for some interaction with the system running on the VM.
> I came across it but had eliminated it because it does not seem to be 
> open-source. That might have been too harsh since it's free (as in 
> beer). So I gave it a try.
> The problem is that when I start an application such as notepad, it does 
> not appear on the VM's desktop. I suspect freeSSHd creates a separate 
> window station and that's going to break Wine's tests. I looked for an 
> option to change this behavior but found none.

I just looked at this problem again and I found a solution. In case
you're still interested, there is a program called PsExec that allows
you to specify the session in which a program can be run.

It can be found here:

When I execute this command when logged on with SSH using FreeSSHd,
notepad shows up on the VM's desktop:
PsExec.exe -i 0 notepad

It may be possible to use PsExec itself to do things remotely, but with
FreeSSHd it solves this issue.

Best regards,

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