Have there been any problems with Wine on GCC 4.7?

Eric Pouech eric.pouech at orange.fr
Sun Aug 12 03:08:43 CDT 2012

Le 24/07/2012 04:06, Scott Ritchie a écrit :
> Wine is the last remaining package still depending on GCC 4.5 in the
> current Ubuntu alpha, it would be nice to drop GCC 4.5 and forward port
> Wine, however 4.6 is known to not work too well.
> But now we have 4.7 -- have there been any bugs attributed to its usage?
> Thanks,
> Scott Ritchie
afaik, gcc 4.7 enables by default dwarf4 as its default debug format, 
whilst wine (dbghelp) only supports dwarf2
it generates a lot of conbursome backtraces in winegdb
I've started to add dwarf4 support to wine, but don't hold your breath 
(it's going to be hard and tedious afaict and will require quite a few 
changes to dbghelp for correctness)
(and I have little time right now <g>)

BTW : fedora 17 ships with  gcc 4.7

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