configure --with-osmesa fails to link

Peter Urbanec at
Fri Aug 24 07:53:48 CDT 2012

On 24/08/12 18:17, Alexandre Julliard wrote:
> libOSMesa should be built without shared-glapi, we can't use it 
> otherwise. 

I rebuilt media-libs/mesa-8.1_rc1_pre20120814 without shared-glapi, but 
even then I get link errors during configure. Seems to be a missing 
dependency on C++ runtime.

I've had to resort to the attached hack to get configure for wine64 to 
complete on Gentoo x64. I'm not submitting this as a patch, because I'm 
not anywhere near sure whether this is the right way of actually solving 
the underlying issue. Unfortunately, I can't configure wine32, even with 
this hack, because the 32-bit packages for 64-bit Gentoo are supplied as 
pre-compiled binaries and osmesa is disabled in those.

Can I build wine64 --with-osmesa and WoW wine32 --without-mesa and still 
expect things to work?

Best regards,

     Peter Urbanec

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